w i n n i e.

"Painting, music, movies, sculpture, theatre, everything -- we can survive without it; [but] you have to eat, or else you die. Food is the only obligatory emotion."
    Ferran Adria (from Michael Paterniti's profile in Esquire)

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."
    Virginia Woolf

"Rossini, the great opera composer, could recall only two moments of real grief in his life. One, when his mother died. And the second time was out on a boat when a chicken stuffed with truffles fell into the water and was lost."
    Charles Bowden, The Bone Garden of Desire

"Before you can eat the salad, you must bend over in the garden. You can take that however you want."
    Gabriel Frasca, chef de cuisine at Radius (recalling what a French chef once told him when he was just starting out)

me: "Being judgmental shows that I possess judgment."
austin: "And that you're mental."

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